Munawar Akhtar


Munawar Akhtar is a consultant of the Firm with a broad professional career and, until 2018, was senior partner of the law firm, Amhurst Brown. In 1961 he was called to the Bar in Lincoln's Inn and successfully practiced in Lahore until 1980. Then he moved to England and qualified as a Solicitor and became partner of the London solicitor's firms Wilde Sapte and Amhurst Brown Colombotti (now Howard Kennedy). In 1993 he returned to set up a branch of Amhurst Brown in Islamabad, which rapidly took root as a leading corporate practice in Pakistan.


His focus is litigation and foreign arbitration, but has a broad experience of general advisory work. His litigation experience is in all courts in Pakistan and the High Court in England and has successfully conducted a number of large international arbitrations.


As senior partner of Amhurst Brown, he appreciated the benefits to be had for both firms by merging.