Oil & Gas

The Firm has a comprehensive understanding of the oil and gas sector in Pakistan having acted closely with multinational and local parties, both new-entrants and those well-established.

Member of the Firm have been integrally involved in the commercialisation of many gas fields (including [Sui?  Mari?]  Bhit, Zamzama, Miano and Mubarak) requiring drafting and negotiating gas sales and crude/condensate sales and gas pricing agreements.  Advised on matters pertaining to on-going production and development activities as well as offshore and onshore exploration.

Apart from drafting, and opining on documentation, such as concession, pipeline financing, offshore petroleum sharing, EPC, drilling, seismic acquisition and general service contracts, the Firm provides practical assistance in negotiation and commercial aspects of transactions.

Members of the Firm have had the distinction of having concluded a number of unique projects in Pakistan, including a landmark series of agreements for a complex joint field development project; devising a new upstream gas pricing mechanism in 1999 (which was ultimately adopted in the Petroleum Policy 2001); a non-recourse loan from the IFC, secured against the borrower’s shares of the project assets and being party to a USAID funded project to work with the Federal Government on a range of regulatory reforms and systems to implement policies.

The Firm has acted (for the seller or a potential buyer) in the major divestments of exploration and production interests in Pakistan, in recent years (including BP, Petronas, OMV, Novus, Tullow, Premier and Eni), requiring extensive due diligence, interaction with the Government and negotiating share/sale purchase agreements.

Some of the other clients we have worked with:
  • Attock Refinery 
  • Shell Gas Pakistan Limited 
  • Pakistan Texas Gulf
  • Pakistan Oilfields Limited
  • Pakistan Petroleum Limited 
  • Esso Eastern Inc 
  • Exxon Company International 
  • Shell International Limited 
  • Cathay Oil and Gas Ltd. (Canada)