Intellectual Property And Media

Vellani & Vellani’s leading Intellectual Property (IP) practice comprises of specialist lawyers and experienced trademark, copyright, patent and design professionals.  Our team routinely handles many of the most significant IP matters across Pakistan, representing major clients in the field of pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, retail, oil and gas, telecommunications, information technology.
The firm’s involvement with committees of associations such as International Trademark Association (INTA), Asian Patent Attorney’s Association (APAA), International Association for the Protection of |Intellectual Property (AIPPI)), combined with attendance at international IP events, ensures that our lawyers remain up to date with international developments in the area of IP law.

The firm’s IP practice covers the following:

Patents & Designs
Consultancy services in relation to patents provided by the firm include searches with respect to patentability of new inventions, opinions regarding the validity and scope of previously issued patents, and infringement investigations to determine if an article or process infringes a valid patent.

The firm also offers comprehensive services in preparing, filing and prosecuting patent and design applications, oppositions and infringement litigation.

The firm serves its clients in every phase of the adoption and protection of trade marks. This includes the carrying out of searches at the Trade Marks Registry for clearance and determining registrability of the mark, preparation of trade mark applications and representation of the client through every step of the process leading to the grant of registration and also attends to renewal of trade marks.  The firm also provides watch services, which afford an opportunity to oppose registration of conflicting marks, which could damage a client's rights and also serve to detect possible infringements.

The firm provides a full range of legal services in trade mark infringements, including litigation services.
Services offered to clients in the copyright field include infringement reviews, counselling and litigation, registration for all types of works. The firm represents both domestic and foreign copyright owners.

The presence of the Copyright Office in Karachi, allows the firm to quickly file to register and protect the copyrights of its clients or research the facts behind an infringement claim.
Domain Names
Internet Domain names has gained importance in recent years with the rapid growth of the Internet. The firm provides assistance in registration of Internet Domain Names under the .PK domain as well as services with regards to use of clients Trade Marks as Domain Names under the .PK domain.
Foreign and domestic licensing and assignment of various rights including patent, trade secret, trademark, copyright and "know-how" constitute an important service to the firm's clients and are referred to generally as "technology transfers".
Services offered to clients in relation to franchising include advice relating to the setting up, operation and management of franchises in Pakistan, the licensing requirements, the protection of intellectual property rights, investments and foreign exchange regulations, taxation and other regulatory requirements, as well as issues regarding real estate and monopolies, and in this connection drafting of franchise, trademark and distributor/license agreements and leasing agreements.