Corporate And Compliance

The firm assists multinational and local clients by providing a wide range of corporate advisory services, including set-up of companies (private, public and listed), branches and liaison offices, liquidation of companies, branches and liaison offices, along with conversion of status of company, from example, from private limited company to public limited company, increases in capital and issue of shares carrying varying rights,   

The firm also assists and advises clients on a range of corporate housekeeping including drafting of board and shareholder resolutions and powers of attorney and filing of statutory returns, as well as statutory public disclosure requirements for listed companies.    

The firm has expertise and experience in drafting and advising on a full range of agreements, including the following:

  • License Agreements,
  • Franchise, Agency and Distributorship Agreements
  • Toll Manufacturing Agreements,
  • Services Agreements,
  • Confidentiality Agreements,
  • Supply Contracts,
  • Subscription Agreements,
  • Rental Contracts,
  • Construction Agreements.

The firm regularly advises companies on the relevant legislation in Pakistan for sector specific businesses and carries out a review of the laws to identify compliance related issues.   The firm also handles self due-diligence projects of clients on matters regarding antitrust, bribery and corruption, data protection and employment.

The firm also carries out trainings for employees of corporate clients on various matters including bribery and corruption and white collar crimes and legal compliance of contractual obligations.