Seema Shahid Mansoor Advocate of the High Courts of Pakistan

Seema joined the firm in 1983 completed her law degree and pupilage while working at the firm.  Having worked for over three decades, she has vast experience and specializes in the area of Intellectual Property rights. She has been actively involved in protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights in relation to trademarks, copyright and domain names and has been handling various international and local clients.

Seema has been actively involved in litigation proceedings and has appeared and assisted senior counsel of the firm in complex matters involving Intellectual Property Laws in tribunals and courts including the High Courts of Pakistan.

Seema regularly participates in Intellectual Property international law conferences such as INTA (International Trademarks Association), APPA (Asian Patents Attorneys Association) and SAARC Law and IP workshops & seminars both locally and internationally.

  • Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) - 1986
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA)-Economics, Psychology/Education and Civics – 1985

Intellectual Property:

  • Advised various international/local clients on Intellectual property covering   trademarks, copyrights and domain names in relation to various IP issues covering infringements, passing off action, unfair competition, brand adoption, conflict and misleading advertisement, etc.
  • Trademarks oppositions, rectifications and cancellation proceedings, before the Trade Marks Registry. Prosecution of applications, handling show cause notices and advise/opinion on registration of trademarks, disclaimers on trademarks and their effect on the exclusivity of trademarks and other related issues.
  • Copyright registration application, prosecution and handling objections, filing oppositions and rectifications at the Copyright Office, Pakistan and advises on copyright   infringement, possible recourse and other related issues.
  • Preparing and Reviewing IP contracts, such as registered user agreements, recordal of registered user, software licence agreement, undertakings, etc.
  • Trademark search covering availability and advising on registrability of the mark and covering other aspects of the proposed mark.
  • Advised clients on IP litigation and represented clients before the IP Courts, sending cease and desist letters, preparing, filing and pursuing court actions for IP infringement, passing off and unfair competition and securing ad interim injunctions against the infringers involving well-known trademarks of international companies and securing ad interim ex part injunctions and subsequent settlements. Quia-Timet action involving internationally well-known trademark and subsequent compromise between the parties and agreement submitted with court.
  • Counterfeit products, advised on taking actions in matters of import and export of infringing trademark counterfeit products and outsourcing investigation of infringing companies and to check the presence of the counterfeit products in the local market and the way forward.
  • Domain names: Registration, renewal, maintenance and transfer of domain names with the local Registry Pakistan Network Information Centre ("PKNIC") and others; Domain name conflict, infringements and resolution of domain name issues in Pakistan,  enforcement of rights in the domain name either through civil actions or through administrative proceedings under the ICANN approved Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy; successfully filing of Complaint with local Domain Name Dispute Resolution Centre (DNDRC) and the local registry PKNIC in Pakistan.
  • Analysing existing provisions contained in the IP laws particularly trademarks and copyrights and IP provisions covered in other laws and advising clients in this regard.
  • Advising clients in relation to Customs recordation of trademarks, border control measures, including initiating and pursuing enforcement actions before Customs Authorities in Pakistan.
  • Heads and is involved in protection and enforcement of IP rights of various famous international clients belonging to diverse business sectors such as pharmaceuticals, petroleum/oil, online shopping, computer programming, food, beverages, social media, entertainment, medical instruments, machinery, footwear, battery, hotels and motor vehicles. To name a few, GlaxoSmithKline,, Rich Products Inc., ExxonMobil Corporation, The Coca-Cola Company, Novartis AG, Alcon Inc., Oracle, Caterpillar,  FCA US LLC, etc.,
Corporate and Commercial:
  • Seema also has good experience in corporate law matters including mergers/ acquisitions, contracts, employment, and joint ventures. In addition, she has  been actively involved and has assisted senior counsel of the firm in complex matters involving severance claims, Monopoly Control Authority penalty issue (now known Competition Commission)  in tribunals and courts including the High Courts of Pakistan.
  • Actively involved in the Merger of Pharmacia Pakistan (Private) Limited and Parke, Davis & Company Limited  

  • Actively participated in Intellectual Property Law Conferences, seminars and workshops both locally and internationally.
  • Participated in Asian Patent Attorneys Association (APAA Conference ) Council Meetings and General Assembly APAA Conference, New Delhi, India (2005), Singapore (2008), Hong Kong (2009), Jeju, South Korea (2010), Manila, Phillipines (2011), Chiang Mai, Thailand (2012), APAA Council Meeting Hanoi,Vietnam, 2013,  Penang Malaysia (2014).
  • Attended the INTA Annual Meetings San-Diego  (2015), Orlando  (2016) and Barcelona (2017) and Seattle (2018) and Boston (2019). Attended workshops and client meetings.
  • Local Seminars and workshops on the present IP issues and laws  and on the protection of Intellectual Property Rights, organized by Intellectual Property Organization (IPO), The Pakistan Industrial & Intellectual Property Rights Association (PIPRA) and Asian Patents Attorneys Association (APAA Pakistan Chapter) (Seminar 2011) and Pakistan Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (PCSIR).
  • Regularly writes articles for International Law Office (ILO) (; Financier Worldwide Magazine ( and her articles has also been published in SMD Group (, about recent developments and changes in the IP laws, IPO news and decided cases on IP rights.