Badaruddin F. Vellani Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan

Badar is the Senior Partner of the firm. He is an Advocate of the Supreme Court of Pakistan and has nearly 40 years’ experience in corporate and commercial matters including mergers, acquisitions, disinvestments, intellectual property, anti-trust, banking, finance and project finance, infrastructure projects, taxation and labour law matters. He  has also helped set up various reputable philanthropic organisations and remains actively involved with them.   

  • In addition to his general legal practice, he advises on industrial property or intellectual matters including registration assignment and licensing of patents, trademarks, copyrights and Domain Names, unfair competition licensing and franchising, and litigation in each of these specialised areas of work.
  • The experience gained through his legal practice has led to his being invited to join the boards of directors of various companies representing the interests of foreign investors.  He is presently a member of the board of directors  of Unilever Pakistan Foods Limited, Shell Pakistan Limited, Wyeth Pakistan Limited, Novartis Parma (Pakistan) Limited, and Roche Pakistan Limited and Esso Pakistan (Private) Limited.  Mr. Vellani has also a member of the Audit Committee and HR&R Committees in Unilever Pakistan Foods Limited and Wyeth Pakistan Limited and a member of the Audit Committee in Shell Pakistan Limited.
  • Mr. Vellani is also a Governor on the Board of Governors of Hisaar Foundation (a not for profit foundation for water, food and livelihood security) and is also a Vice Chairman of the member of Board of the Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy.
  •  Mr. Vellani was the Chairman of the National Committee of the Aga Khan Foundation, Pakistan (from July 2006 to April 2017, and previously from 2000 to 2006 was a member of the National Committee). 
  • He also served as Member Legal on the National Council for Pakistan from 2005 to 2006.  Mr. Vellani is President and CEO of the Governing Body of the Aga Khan Hospital Medical College Foundation since April 2016.
  • Mr. Vellani is a  Member of the Advisory Committee Constituted by the Board of Directors’ of Development Corporation Pakistan Advisers (Private) Limited and parent Company Commonwealth Development Corporation, United Kingdom.
  • Mr. Vellani was also one of the initial members of the interim Trustee of the Habib University prior to grant of its Charter - 2010- 2012 and was involved with the setting up of that University and the drafting of its Charter.
  • Mr. Vellani was a member of the ICC Court of Arbitration representing Pakistan.
  • Mr. Vellani is also an honorary faculty member at the Pakistan Institute of Corporate Governance, and is also certified by the Pakistan Institute of Corporate Governance.
  • Mr. Vellani was also the Jurisdictional Council Member on the Council of the Inter Pacific Bar Association representing Pakistan.
  • He has also been the chairman of a working group for the setting up of a legal information foundation and in a project funded by the Asia Foundation for making the country's laws and regulations and the decisions of the Courts in Pakistan available through the electronic media including via the internet.
  • He has also acted as a consultant on an Asian Development Bank sponsored project and carried out by the Asia Foundation for the Government of Pakistan on Pakistan Legal and Judicial Reforms.
  • He has also participated in a Symposium organized and held in Manila in September 1999 by the Asian Development Bank on Secured Transactions Law Reforms.
  • He is a member of The General Council of the Bar, Pakistan Industrial and Intellectual Property Association, the Asian Patent and Attorneys Association, the Pakistan National Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce and a member of the Task Force on Tax Administration.