Ahmed Madni Advocate High Court of Sindh – 2014, Advocate Lower Court - 2012

Ahmed Madni did his B. Com from Karachi University, and then completed his L.L.B. from Hamdard School of Law in the year 2011 qualifying with 1st position and two gold medals and is at present enrolled to appear before the High Courts in Pakistan. He initially joined the firm of M. Naim-ur-Rahman & Associates in 2011 and has been with Vellani & Vellani since 1 July 2015 following the merger of the firms. Since joining he has been handling all forms of litigation, actively appearing before the District courts, Banking Courts, Special Tribunals and the High Court. He also regularly deals with property matters before the Regulatory Authorities. Ahmed Madni is enrolled to plead before the High Court.

The following Cases are of important note:

  • Rent Case No. 308 of 2012 (Mr. Raheel Kamran Versus M. Shoaib):
    This case was filed against Our Client for eviction who was a Tenant. Due to my work and research this case was held dismissed in Our Clients favour. 
  • Civil Appeal No. 77 of 2016 (Mr. Bashir Masih Versus Mr. Saleem Masih and others):
    This was a Civil Appeal filed by Our Client because his case was dismissed under Order 7 Rule 11 read with Section 151 of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908. In this Case, all the facts were mixed and were therefore difficult to understand, in part due to the fact that the previous Counsel of Our Client had failed to include the Respondent who was in possession of the house.
    In the year 2017 when this case was marked to me, I work hard to ascertain all the facts and achieved a stay order in this Appeal in our favour. Thereafter this Appeal was decided in Our Client favour.
    After decision of this Appeal, the dismissed Suit was restored. I once again secured a stay order. The hearing is now fixed on 23 April 2019.
  • S.M.A. No. 164 of 2013 (Mrs. Sayeeda Vellani):
    This was a case for letter of Administration and Succession Certificate. The Honourable High Court was pleased to issue letter of Administration in Our Client’s favour but the mutation before the Military Estate office was contested as some legal heirs were giving an un-registered power of attorney in favour of the Petitioner which was initially not considered by the Military Estate Office. After lengthy arguments before the Nazir of the Honourable High Court I was able to satisfy the Nazi on the facts and law and got the mutation effected in favour of Our Client.
  • SMA No. 91 of 2008 (Mrs. Lydia Espinherio):
    This succession matter is very interesting because the Counsel who filed it mentioned the wrong name of the Petitioner who was deceased. When this case was marked to me I filed amendment applications for correction of name which wrongly mentioned almost 8 years ago. The Judge heard my arguments over the length of 1 year and finally I was succeed to satisfy the Judge and got the order in favour of Our Client.
  • G&W No. 1382 of 2016 (Mr. Mati-ur-Rahman Versus Mst. Javeria and others): 
    This was a simple case of appointment of Uncle as a Guardian but interesting thing is that this case fixed before the Judge who did not know how to proceed with this case as the children were with the mother and the uncle wanted Guardianship. For this case I argued the complete background of Guardianship law in around 10 hearings and finally after two months was successful in satisfying the Judge and got the order in favour of Our Client.
  • Suit No. 34 of 2011 (Mr. Aziz Versus Mrs. Zaibunissa Vellani and others):
    This was a case of recovery of loan but the issue was interesting that Our Client gave a sum to her family member through grant of a loan on interest, and when Our Client took back the loan with interest, the family member who returned the amount to Our Client filed a case against Our Client for recovery of loan amount. After my detailed arguments the Judge agreed and passed the Order in favour of Our Client.
  • C.P. No. 499 of 2016 (Mrs. Rukhsana Ramzan Ali versus Mr. Asif and others):
    This Constitution Petition was drafted by me against the order of the Additional District Judge who was pleased to pass the eviction order against Our Client and failed to understand the precedent of the Honourable Supreme Court. The Decree Holder filed the Execution and I was being the Judgment Debtor filed this Petition and got stay order against the Execution till final disposal of this Petition.
  • C.P. No. 1101 of 2016 (Mr. Cyrus R. Cowasjee Versus M/S. Ferozsons Limited):
    This was a Constitution Petition filed against the concurrent Judgment passed in Our Clients favor. The interesting point in this case was the Rent Controller was pleased to increase the rent from Rs. 2500 to Rs. 125 per square feet for the tenement of 7196 Square feets on Ground Floor and 5200 on 1st Floor means the Rent Controller increase the rent from Rs. 2500 to Rs. 1,549,500/- and thereafter the Additional District Judge was pleased to reduce to Rs. 125 to Rs. 25 per Square Feets on Ground Floor and Rs. 125 to Rs. 80 per Square Feets on First Floor.
  • Suit Nos. 799 to 805 of 2012 and 146 to 151 of 2011 (Mr. Waseem Butt):        This was a case for cancellation of leases issued in favour of 6 people for the Plot which was owned by Our Client. After detailed arguments the Judge was pleased to cancel the Leases and also cancelled the mutation order in favour of Our Client. The interesting point in these 12 cases is that the mutation order of Our Client was neither the issue in these cases and nor contained in prayer of any Suit for cancellation of the same therefore we filed 6 Appeals against that 6 orders.